Antena True Rc XAIR 2 (KIT) LHCP 5.8GHZ (Dji goggles v1 e v2)

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More gain and more convenience! This is the adaptation of the all mighty X²-AIR into a slick low profile face mount for the DJI goggles . Simply peel the included adhesive, stick them on and throw your goggles in your bag ready for a day of flying. Improved 13dBic gain and massive combined beam width of 180deg, yield an amazing flight experience in the toughest conditions. Fill the remaining ports with a pair of included singularity stubbies and performance has never been so convenient!

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  • Sector type beam shape (widest on horizontal)
  • Mount direct on DJI faceplate with included adhesive backing
  • Compact low-profile design on your goggles, easy to store and transport
  • High 13 dBic for unsurpassed long range and signal penetration
  • Large SWR and axial ratio bandwidth, work even out of the 5.8GHz band
  • Super wide 150 degree beam for each antenna combining to 180deg beam width
  • Custom knurled RP-SMA connectors
  • Highly compact included stubby antennas for combined directional and omnidirectional coverage


  • Bandwidth: 5.1GHz-7.0GHz
  • Polarization: LHCP
  • Gain: 13 dBic
  • Beam-Width: 150deg
  • Beam-width @-3dB:  75deg
  • Antenna Dimensions: 72mm x 34mm x 15mm
  • Connection: Custom knurled RP-SMA
  • Weight: 20g


  • Bandwidth: 5.6GHz-6.0GHz
  • Polarization: LHCP
  • Gain: 1.9 dBic
  • Radiation Efficiency: 99%
  • Antenna Dimensions: 12.7mm x 20mm
  • Connection: RP-SMA
  • Weight: 3.7g


  • 2x TrueRC X2-Air MKII  5.8GHz Receiver Antenna
  • 2x TrueRC  Stubby 5.8GHz Receiver Antenna

LHCP TrueRC X2-Air MKII & Stubbies 5.8GHz Receiver Antenna Set for DJI for Sale

LHCP TrueRC X2-Air MKII & Stubbies 5.8GHz Receiver Antenna Set for Sale

X2 Air and Stubby Antenna Kit for Sale

5.8GHz Drone Antenna Set for Sale

R$ 999,99
Comprar agora Estoque: Disponível
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